Digital Signage Network

Digital Signage Network is a new, exciting, and affordable advertising network that provides high quality and cost effective advertising solutions to clients. It utilizes networked displays at receptors, such as LCD / plasma screens or LED panels installed at public locations, to broadcast and deliver messages to the audiences. These highly trafficked indoor and outdoor advertising sites across Hong Kong provide powerful, versatile and dynamic broadcast platforms for a variety of clients.

The displays of the Digital Signage Network take the form of scrolling bar texts or animated digital clips or audios. A central server remotely networks and manages the displays. Through the use of internet routers and our rMedia player, messages from our clients are simultaneously broadcast in different areas of Hong Kong and are effectively conveyed to a large number of audiences.

The scrolling bar texts and movie clips, showing the messages from our clients, appear on the same screen where a TV program is showing. The audiences can perceive the messages from our clients at the same time when they are enjoying a TV show whether at a cafe, a pub, or a restaurant. Our target audiences are those aged between 18 and 40 who would spend time on dining, shopping and entertainment, and these audiences can readily appreciate this new mode of advertising.